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Top Five reasons to learn Kahuna Massage with us -

  1. Gain fitness and personal strength;
  2. Be supported by a reputable school;
  3. Obtain an understanding of the emotional and spiritual aspects of massage;
  4. Train in an absolute private and safe environment;
  5. Develop heart opening skills to potentially generate an extra income.

Level 1&2 Kahuna Massage- Practitioner Level

This 6 day training course is very intensive with lots of massage and focus is placed on making the student confident in giving a full body massage. During the training focus is also placed on the emotional and spiritual effect of massage therapy.

Upon completion you will receive an academic transcript.


Level 3 Kahuna Massage - Advanced Level

Full of skills and transformations!   (6 days training)

This 6 day training course has been designed to strengthen and enhance the practitioners skills, offering a very technical process and getting the practitioner ready for clients with different issues, injuries and problem areas.

This level completes the part of our training where techniques are the main focus. Should you decide to further your studies with Mettes Institute, the following levels offer a more holistic approach focusing predominantly on the mental and spiritual side of massage therapy.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate which is endorsed by the International Institute For Complementary Therapists. This will give you easy access to professional insurance.

You will receive a certificate on completion of level 3.


Level 4 Kahuna Massage - Rites of Passage

This 5 ½ day training course focuses on deepening the understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit. It prepares the practitioner to deal professionally with clients emotional releases which may occur during massages. This course also offers an opportunity for goal setting and for gaining clarity on a personal level.

Discover your full potential as a human being and as a bodyworker.


Level 5 Kahuna Massage - Initiation & Integration

This 5 day training course is focusing on the integration of previous level. It is offering an understanding of the relationship between our state of mind and the four elements, earth, water, fire and air.

At this level guest clients are invited in order to create an open and safe dialogue around the emotional and spiritual effects of Kahuna massage.

You will receive a certificate on completion of level 5.


Level 6 Kahuna Massage - Spiritual Adventure

Voice healing, deep bone & belly massage!   (6 days training)

You will open up to yet again another dimension of training. Minimum of 1 year experience is required.

You will receive a certificate on completion of level 6.


Level 7 Kahuna Massage - Sacred Soul Mastery

The Seventh Heaven!  (6 days training)

Born in a dream in 1999 and finally manifested after all these years.

Together with other Bodyworkers (KH6's) you will practice and experience flying, yoga, dance, rituals, cleansing, meditations, chanting, love & laughter. Including some new elemental tricks and tools.

"Your physical body is the temple in which dwells your soul, awaiting to be freely expressed in the joyful dance of life."

You will receive a certificate on completion of level 7.