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Mette's Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development was established in November, 1994, by Mette and Jorgen Sorensen. It has since grown to be both nationally and internationally recognised for its bodywork and personal development training courses, as well as spa and massage equipment designed by the Institute.

In combining Ka Huna philosophy with Mette's teaching, the couple now assists hundreds of people in making their dreams come true.

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Mette Sorensen

Mette Sorensen is the inspiration behind some of Asia Pacific's most comprehensive and insightful training programs, developed from years of training and experience. Mette's Institute operates entirely independently of other schools or associations and offers courses specifically designed to suit a broad range of individual requirements.

We aim to develop in students the capacity to become a catalyst for others to reach their full potential. Our courses deliver a unique combination of the skills, strategies and wisdom necessary for one to become a highly respected and rewarded therapist or professional coach' says Mette.

Mette believes in developing a complete and holistic program to suit each individual through the integration of body language, body awareness, and communication skills with natural therapies.

Courses follow many of the principles of the Danish Folk School, reflecting Mettes own cultural origins and family upbringing. Skilled, experienced, and committed teachers have developed a free, open and safe atmosphere in which students feel free to express themselves. The training process integrates and depends upon the fundamental elements of respect and support, from both staff and fellow students. This enhances each student's personal strengths and abilities so that he or she is properly prepared to treat or guide others both physically and emotionally.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our teaching is also an excellent way for you, the student, to reassess your own way of life and improve your personal sense of well-being' says Mette.

All Mette's programs are thoroughly researched and personalised, designed to nurture each individual student. The Institute's emphasis on professional and responsible teaching methods ensures all participants graduate with confidence. The practical application for this training are evident from the large number of the institute's graduates currently engaged in successful practice, or in management positions at leading health resorts, day spas and private clinics in Australia and overseas.

Jorgen Sorensen

As a former massage therapist Jorgen Sorensen now utilises his Masters in Mechanical Engineering as an equipment designer to the massage and spa industry. He acquired his experience in natural therapies through working with Mette in her classes held in Denmark and Australia.

Today, Jorgen manages the Kin Kin based factory supplying therapists with high quality equipment in Australia and overseas.

My aim is to develop products which are strong and elegantand that creates a friendly, healing and classic atmosphere in the environment where used'.


I received my first Ka Huna massage in 2005. I was 55 and my live was forever changed. This truly magnificent conscious raising bodywork has embraced me in its philosophy of trust, focus, positive awareness and the realisation of the enormous power we all possess is “within:.

I am now a passionate facilitator at High Spirits, helping to bring light, love and laughter into the lives of others. If you have any doubts about yourself, or if experience nothing but certainty, DARE to join us on this rule breaking, belief shattering journey of self discovery.

In my previous life, I was a jillaroo, motor cycle courier, barmaid, musician, manufacturer of leather goods, mother and farmer (to name a few).

My passions are my partner, family, friends, Ka Huna massage, opening others to the magic of Ka Huna massage, creative gardening and drumming (to name a few).

Looking forward to meeting you.


One of my great passions is to be in nature – walking in the forest or swimming at the beach. I love to go on adventures and head off the beaten track and get great pleasure from the simple things that nature has to offer. I’m a keen gardener and have a great understanding of plants and their surrounding environments. I’m an active person and really enjoy a wide variety of exercise; from acro/aerial yoga to mountain climbing, scuba diving to dance/movement. I love Ka Huna as I see the body, mind and spirit as an exciting landscape to explore – it’s an incredible dance that aligns with my beliefs on health and healing. I truly feel at home here and feel blessed that I get to adventure with people. My job is amazing and I invite you to come on a Ka Huna adventure with us soon. Aloha!


I was born near South America, grew up in Europe, worked in different countries and speak 5 languages. On Australian soil however I found myself.

My favorite language is the language of the Soul and Soulmassage became my passion and purpose. With Ka Huna massage I found Soulmassage; it's a dance, soul to soul, heart to heart.

My 5 children and a number of other spiritual teachers (nature being one of them) have shown me aspects of myself that I wasn t aware of. Sometimes in painful ways, mostly straightforward and always with love.

High Spirits is a place where you will be allowed and encouraged to be yourself and to explore and meet all aspects of yourself without judgement.

What I most enjoy about teaching is to witness the transformation that takes place within each and everyone of you, when you experience the healing power of love.

I am committed to helping you, guide you and support you on your journey to accept, love and express your true Self, whilst learning an amazing and profound massage that is the Ka Huna Massage, that will leave you feeling whole and connected to yourself and all that is. We re all on this journey together, learning to let go, flow and grow. Every other is a mirror of yourself.


Hello, I’m Diva Dawn and I care deeply about sharing the processes that helped me move through personal challenges to live the life I love. I am now living my dream – as a performer and producer, kahuna massage therapist, bibliophile (book-lover) and wife! Since 1999 I have been a keen advocate of women-centred spaces, helping to organise various events including an international women’s theatre festival. Today I am one half of Ladyfinger...it’s a pleasure! and regularly perform, produce and publish work that privileges the female and feminist voice. Spirit of Woman is the highlight of my busy year, offering me time to ground, focus and recharge. I look forward to welcoming you into our sacred circle and supporting you on your journey towards living the life you love!
Love, Dawn


I received my first ka huna massage at the Sydney Ka Huna Centre in 2008 during a time I felt a sense of grief after the passing of my grandmother. In that moment I was touched with the feeling of unconditional love and it touched my soul deeply.

I came out with a feeling of appreciation of life and joy within myself.

I came to High Spirits Retreat in 2010 and learning was fun! The lessons were playful and challenging. I was hooked and I had a desire to learn more about ka huna massage, about life, about myself on all aspects - mind, body, spirit.

My passion and joy is in recognising more of my true self. It is what inspires me and I bring this loving spirit into supporting individuals to listen with their heart, and encourage others to allow themself to be All of themself.

I now continue to be part of a community, family and team were I support and facilitate others to learn about ka huna massage and about self.

I am committed to being here in sharing your journey and being present to play, to love and live!


I arrived at hsr 5 years ago with a background in outdoor education and wilderness therapy and what I was met with was a place I'd yearned for in my career; a nurturing and transformative haven where all my stories and baggage could be unpacked with equal parts sacredness and fun- oh- and the phenomenal skill of ka huna bodywork.

I arrived for my own healing and left with seeds of a new life that have sprouted. Ka huna now allows me to pass this journey onto others around the world and at my heart home- high spirits.

It is a place and an experience that allows you to be heard and witnessed, encourages you to dig deep and through this, I have recognised that my own greatest healing came through others- that we all have the same stories, fears, pains and regrets- big and small- and that when I paused to acknowledge this- I found peace.

I arrived curious and trusting and looking for newness and expansion. If you're reading this my guess is that you may be too. So, come join us for a week and take some time for you.




I was touched by the magic of Ka Huna in Oct 2008 and my life has never been the same. At that time, it was a means for me to get out of a life that didn’t serve me. Now, it is a way for me to live a life of service, passion and continuous growth. There was no turning back once I started surfing the wave of Ka Huna. The joy and freedom of riding the waves is unparallel. Yet, again and again, it tosses me into the swell, to cleanse me, to challenge me, to make me stronger yet softer. For me, Ka Huna is tough love. It is honest, nurturing, compassionate and powerful. It is my bad-ass teacher and my angel wings all at the same time and I love it (when I come out the other end!)

For more than 10 years as a personal trainer/group fitness instructor, I had been a part of numerous clients’ physical transformations. However, the sense of awe that I experience when I witness the transformation, from deep within, of those who embark on the Kahuna journey is beyond anything that I have ever felt. I am indeed privileged and humbled to share this amazing journey with you.

I am passionate about this work and am committed to my own healing and growth so that I can continue to be of service at High Spirits and in the world I live in. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Time away from High Spirits is opportunity to enjoy new experiences and to indulge in my other passions – teaching/practising yoga, massaging, travelling and hanging out with people whom I love and respect.


Hi my name is Tracey,
My background is in hospitality & horticulture, studying London City&Guilds chef qualifications & worked as a hotel chef for many years.I love nutrition & wellbeing &I 'am passionate about growing my own food & encouraging other people to rediscover great tasting seasonal food.

Cooking for you allows me to live my passion.I believe health is wealth & that nutrition in the form of healthy eating habits will help you to Ultimate health & wellbeing.

What has drawn me to High Spirits is the love & spiritually that this place radiates & spending time with positive fun loving like minded people has helped me on my healing journey.

Ka huna is the most holistic massage , being able to give this massage to others is a beautiful gift & I feel very blessed,
I look forward to seeing you at High Spirits Tracey XXX