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Aloha Mette and family

I have been enjoying myself in the waters of the Greek Islands and haven't had a chance to write to you to thank you all for such a wonderful spiritual adventure on level 6. My heart soars with the memories that live on within me from that special time and that amazingly special place. I will never forget the dance of the whales at sunrise, the soaring of the eagles above us, the wisdom of the turtles as they welcomed and honoured us, and the ancestors of our ancient land walking with us along the beach and through the rocky path to the sacred lake. I will carry it all with me for this lifetime and into the next.

I feel like level 6 was the beginning of another chapter of my life. And I let go (with joy!) some really really ancient 'stuff'. I felt as though I had birthed forgiveness and it set me free. And others too, I think. I feel braver, bolder. I feel me to the centre of every cell, to the centre of my heart, of the universe within. Level 6 was mostly about embracing joy for me. And listening and seeing and allowing myself to feel it all.

Since level 6, I have been feeling in the moment. Not worrying, not thinking about the future. But that's probably because I am enjoying perfect days every day here in Greece. As I said before, I feel like this is the beginning of new things and for me it's about hearing people's stories. I love and am inspired by people's stories. I am lucky in that people tell me their stories! There is something in that for me that I will explore.

I experience miracles every day. I am aware of them. I smile with the miracles. Synchronicity and perfect timing seem to be knocking at my door.

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