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Dear Mette and amazing facilitators,

No words can explain my experiences on this course. The healing and release was profound and I have more clarity than ever. Driving home I felt many emotions as I was coming back into my body and I was very grateful to have had time to ground myself before leaving.

Now I am back in my body and back in my life I now realise that Ka Huna is all about healing the soul. The timing has being magical, for I can now begin to put my heart and soul into my dreams of healing and touching many through massage and counselling.

Many heart felt thanks to the soulful Maria for the full Ka Huna experience I received in the massage marathon. It was this massage that opened me up to the true healing powers of Ka Huna as she sent me on a deep journey. The healing was profound and it continued through the course. It was also amazing to have shared this course with Carita and Maria after sharing Ka Huna courses with them a few years ago. I can see how much they have grown and they are now beaming with spirit and soul.

I am so grateful for this course, it has answered so many questions and has set me on my true journey in this world. Aloha and thankyou to the amazing facilitators, Darby, Myles, Maria and Carita and of course to you Metta, for touching so many you Goddess.

With love and heart felt gratitude

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