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Dear Mette, Miles, Carita and Maria,

Thank you for this reminder/record; I know I will refer back to it often. My biggest challenge seems to be to hold on to the clarity I leave High Spirits with, once I'm back in the whitewater chaos of my life back home. But, hey, if I can nail that, I can do anything. KALA!

I feel more myself in Kin Kin than anywhere else. Thank you for creating such a magical space. I feel the resonance of it whenever I meet with Ohana here too. And I will be talking with Sue Lee and organising an Aloha day down here, I'm thinking later this year. If I can't get up there, I'll just have to create it here! Hopefully we can get you down for it Mette...

Huge love to you all, and such gratitude for the wisdom and grace that you all embody, luv yas all

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