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Wow, what a fantastic weekend I had at High Spirits learning Lomi Lomi massage with a very diverse mixed group of amazing people. The ages varies from 14 years up to 60 years and every one mixed and respected each other. In that large group were four strong worrier males all bursting with enthusiasm and eager to learn.

I found some very strong heart connections and made new friendships as we changed partners during our Lomi Lomi learning. I was truly amazed when we put on our blindfolds to do some of the massage, and realised how much we rely on our sight and not our censers as well . My roommates were just delightful and I felt so blessed to have shared with them, I must confess Sussie and I spent hours just talking, I felt as though I had known her forever. Our young Maddie was amazing and for someone who had never done massage before has fantastic hands. Our teachers were very dedicated and very helpful and our Goddess Mette made everyone feel very comfortable as she blended in with everyone with much love and joy. I loved Maria’s energy as she was so warm and her heart was open to everyone and I felt teary as I said goodbye.

I felt fantastic after being given the opportunity to eat vegetarian food for the weekend. It has made me realise how much I don’t need processed and chemical ridden food.

I was the fortunate winner for this weekend from the conscious mind festival and didn’t know what to expect, I have come home with new skills and feel fantastic and I can’t thank Mette enough for her generosity in giving the Lomi Lomi massage weekend as a prize.

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