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Good Morning Beautiful People,

Maria I have found words to describe how I was feeling and I can type without crying LOL !!!!

First of all I just want to say how incredibly lucky we all were to have such an amazing team of facilitators. The gentle, loving ambience was felt from the moment I walked up the stairs when I first arrived.

So lets start with Darby : the man with the boyish charm......wickedly funny, naughty, warm, charming and kind mwaaaaa to you

Karieta : Yes my love, I have found words beyond" your fucking amazing" hahaha and going onto: naughty, funny, ADORABLE, sincere,humble and such a pleasure to be around xxxxxxxx

Maria : I dont think you realise how special you are ? Your words are : feminine, mysterious, peaceful, gracious and gentle ......just beautiful and very calming.

Miles ahhhhhhhhhhhh Miles : whole - souled, old soul, wise, humble, grounded, laid back, incredibly supportive, relaxed, empowering and clever....just lerve ya xxxxx

I have come away feeling empowered, accepted, proud, overcome and overwhelmed.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thankyou for the best week of my life and I appreciate all the effort you guys put into your work. So Aloha until next time we meet.

Oh and Miles I found out " Blah " is actually a real word to describe an emotion !!!!! So I did have something to say afterall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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