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Good morning highly spirited wild beings!

Thank you for the words compiled for me.

I have returned with a sore throat and headache, but a warm feeling of vibrancy inside that bubbles through me gently, sharing with the world. I had a chance to share with three others at the airport which was so good. The large group throughout the week was talking so much that I didn't feel the need to add my share, so sharing in a smaller circle was a great way to end.

I can't say I 'enjoyed' my experience at kahuna, because I felt my deep heavy inner sadness and other obstacles in me, BUT I feel in every cell that is was vital for my survival as a LIGHT being and I am so happy I finally managed to save money for this course and actually booked it AND came AND participated in it all. It has been a long time of not wanting to go and explore my happiness and now I have taken a big step towards living more positively in my heart.

I did enjoy many moments after all ;)

THANK YOU Mette, Josephine, Maria, Carita, and Tracy for rowing the boats of these experiences and adding COLOURS. It was a joy and inspiration to see you have so much fun.

Magically I asked and received to borrow a friends table and a some bodies more than willing to be practiced on. I have massaged in my mind already, which is a great way to remember the moves.

If in Sydney come and dance with me.

Lots of LOVING

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