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Hello to Mette & the High Spirits team, JAN Kahuna 1&2 retreat

Thank you for your 'Welcome Home Ka Huna 1&2' message. Here's some feedback from me, 'Kindred Kate'...

Feelings Before...
Not so familiar with Kahuna. Heard so many positive things about the course from other massage therapists on the Sunshine Coast so I was curious. Unplanned, I drove up to High Spirits and stood on the balcony feeling the energy, I found my-self booking Kahuna 1&2 the very next day. Felt good positive vibes. Felt it may be time to explore the personal development aspect of the course (as this was an area I'd been avoiding (self reflection) for about 1 year prior.

Feelings During..
Realised it was much more self reflective and personal than expected. Realised it was a much more holistic aspect to massage. Loved all the facilitators from Day 1. Greeted with a warm, genuine hug & smile from day 1, my affection for all facilitators grew day by day. I have a lot of respect & admiration for all facilitators - both for who they are and how they managed to facilitate day by day with unconditional love, sincerity, patience & encouragement.
I was not willing to expose my-self during the course as I saw others do so day by day. But then, towards the end of the week I started to question if I was wasting the opportunity to grow by not allowing my-self to be vulnerable. I appreciated the fact that I was not forced to say or do anything I did not want, however I felt gently nurtured & supported without words. When I finally did allow my-self to be vulnerable & say my inner most thoughts/feelings aloud to the group, I felt at that at that time I was doing it for the benefit of others (because everyone else had right!?). Feelings of not being comfortable with being vulnerable made me feel like this course was a one off and I would not continue to level 3 (at least not in the near future).

Feelings After..
It wasn't until a week or 2 after the course I felt a shift. I felt lighter, happier & free. I know it's a road that needs to be continually developed, however this feeling was enough to make me sure that I wanted to move onto the next level 3 of Kahuna. Also, the impact of a Kahuna massage I gave to my closest friend. It was magical massaging the whole body and made me realise how much both I (& my friend during the massage) made us feel more comfortable and grateful for our bodies. That day it was raining and we both, along with her 5 year old daughter went to Noosa beach (by the spit) and all stripped off naked and ran into the ocean. We had the beach and the rain to our-selves. We all agreed it was the best thing we could have done after a kahuna massage. My friend said she felt 'free' after the massage. She is now planning to do the next women's retreat, and eventually Kahuna course this year. Other friends (local massage therapists familiar with the course) commented that I looked like I'd been 'kahuned' and looked relaxed and more open.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the Kahuna experience. I feel like a precious gift has been given to me, that I now want to give to others.

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