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Thank you for welcoming me home. I experienced another incredible healing journey during my time at High Spirits for Kahuna 1-2. What an amazing flight.

Thank you all for holding space and for loving me unconditionally.

I was asked by a friend for 3 words to describe the week - power, connection, clarity.

The charge of power I felt through my body during the last giving session was incredible. The energy of love and healing that I was able to gift to Lauren was exactly what she had been asking for.

The deep connection to myself on a whole new level was really wonderful. The feeling of love, strength and acceptance for ME was unfamiliar but real.

I gained clarity around my work situation as I knew I would. I had felt since accepting a full time teaching job last year that it was my head talking and not my heart. The butterflies in my stomach and ever growing anxiety confirmed it. When my pen wouldn't write down notes for school I knew it wasn't PONO. Today I emailed my boss and spoke my truth with love.

I went to the beach this morning for my first solo 'flight'. I flew with the ocean and the sunshine and didn't feel silly at all! 

I feel that my next adventure will be in April for Level 3. 

With love and gratitude.

Jacque xx

Jacque xx

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