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I had the amazing opportunity to experience Leadership and Facilitators (L&F) training at Mette's Institute during 2011. I perform leadership roles at home, in my workplace where I am part of a small team within a larger team environment, and in my community. I thought L&F training would help me find my voice so that I could positively contribute in those environments from building trust between family members, colleagues and members of my community to creating harmonious relationships which would lead to productive outcomes. But it was so much more than this. First, it helped me to trust myself, to bring out my story, my essence and my power so that I can now stand before anyone, from an individual to a large room full of people, and be able to speak with confidence and clarity.

The L&F training also provided very practical tools including:

  • assisting a group to define their purpose and culture
  • building safety and trust to create cohesion
  • using affirmation and celebration to bring a sense of well-being and joy to the individuals within the group
  • listening and speaking powerfully.
  • One of the most useful skills that I developed through the training was the ability to notice what is missing in a group's dynamics and to find a way to introduce the missing element so that the group remains in action. In a practical sense, this has helped me to keep my team working together in busy times by providing a space (not always the office environment!) for team members to communicate their concerns and to collaborate and act on strategies to overcome them. The training showed me in a very practical way how great facilitation can lead a group to realise the power that exists within because of the combination of talents, skills and knowledge present.

    I think it is a natural consequence that people see the change in me and I find that I am being asked to be the MC at weddings and family events. I also had the absolute honour to write (with the input of my relatives) and deliver the eulogy for my grandmother. This wasn't insignificant given that she had 6 children, 22 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren - all of whom were special and dear to her.

    The L&F training has had a profound impact on all areas of my life because I've stepped into my power and now am able to recognise and value my own uniqueness and to create a space for others to show their unique qualities also.

Love Margie xx

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